Everything New


Ok, even though the trip is still like, one month away. The excitement of me booking the tickets has not died down yet!

As if it's my own grad trip like that. Haha. I don't even think Thom is as excited as I am!

TGIF everybunny!

Today's #ootd.

Pineapples top + Mesh Up Circle Skirt because it's Fridayyyyyy!

Okayyyy am I a noob or what?

Just discovered how to post pictures on Dayre without words.

Hahahaha. 😳

And one with the sister @jongsy because we're outfit twins today!


And yay more new changes!

So happy that Yoko did a circle shaped logo for me as well, it fits perfectly into the IG dp because it's round as well!


Can I just say how much I love this new logo again???!!!

Too chio!!

Can't wait to launch new clothes with the new labels on them!

Back at Shokudo for my Unagi Mushroom Cheese Pizza!


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