"It is tough being a doggy, you know? I have to look cute all the time to beg for treats and banana, I follow my humans around, I have to run and hide every time mama says 'bath time!', and I have to bark loudly whenever someone comes home."


"Ok good night folks! I'm all snuggled in my favourite spot, between the pillows of my humans."


Such a rainy day today.

But that is not to stop me from heading out and enjoying my Sunday!


We coincidentally dressed in white today so @jongsy suggested to take a photo together!

It's really rare that we are both so "in-sync" for our outfits. I usually try to avoid looking too couple-y. But gotta admit that dressing up in the same colour makes for good photo-taking! Hahaha.

Had dinner at Nana's Green Tea with Thom!

Their service is quite bad. We took extremely long to get their attention so that we can place orders for our food.

I love their matcha float though!

It is so so so much better than Starbucks's green tea latte.

Unagi don which was alright, not too bad.

Walked into a super nicely decorated store at The Cathay just now!

Got me dreaming about how I wanna do up my store in future. If I were to set up a retail store, that is.

Super cute bicycle…

Going for $1299. 😱

Shopping heaven for the guys.

Hipster backpacks.


Changing rooms.

I'm sure it costs a bomb to do up such a huge shop so nicely.

I better start saving up now. Hahaha.

Today's #ttrootd.

I have yet to try an all white outfit and I have to say I really like how it turned out! ☺

Hope your Sunday was as good as mine!

Looking forward to the new week!!

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