Plain Vanilla cupcakes because life is awesome.

So is my web designer Yoko!

Wore this ultraaaaa flattering Clover Babydoll Top today!

Am not even kidding when I said it's flattering.. Haha. My legs actually look quite long in this outfit if I may say so myself. 😳 Love outfits which give good proportions!

This top is made of my new favourite material, NEOPRENE!

Whenever I have a new favourite, you know that you're going to be seeing it on TTR very often in the near future. Hahaha.

DX loves this top so much she kept it in more than one colour! Which is quite rare for her, haha.

Andddd I gotta say, my red bag quite versatile! Have been carrying it with 3 consecutive outfits already. 😁😁😁

In case you're lazy to go over to our FB, here're all the colours available for this top!


How. 😂

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