This sticker is so apt for me.

Forever insomnia.

Had really bad quality sleep last night. Was up all the way till 6am this morning until my brain and eyes couldn't take it anymore and I finally fell asleep.


I really need to stop thinking so much about work before I head to bed!

I feel so zombified.

Spent a large part of today unpacking our shipment of backorders which just came in today.

My factory was telling me "wah next week your staff going to be super tired sending out all these stocks!"


I also think so.


Actually I don't know what kind of rubbish I'm writing on Dayre today. My brain is just fried.


But anyway, it's really fun (and therapeutic in some ways) to Dayre about small things that happened throughout the day. I don't feel the stress to have to post up nice pictures, or write huge chunks of thoughts, or churn out a motivating blog post.

I also enjoy posting small snippets from my job here, so that you get a glimpse of how it is like to run an online store full time.


Love Dayre so much that I realise that I MIA from my blog since start of this month.

And because I am busy also la!

Dayre is good for busy people like me!

I will try to salvage my blog with a May summary blog post next week! Hahahah. Say only. Also don't know if I have the time to sit down properly and do. If I do, I will make an announcement here so that you all can go and read ok?

Today's #ootd featuring….. The midi skirt again.

I can get pretty repetitive with my outfits I know. Spot the red bag again? Hahaha. 😳

Loving my THAT'S AWESOME top from H&M.

But it came in a really annoying length!

So I itchy hands use scissor to cut an inch off to make it a legit cropped top.

I hate the not-here-not-there length! Like, wanna crop but scared too short kind of length. Wanna tuck in also cannot. Tuck out then body looks too long. Hahaha.

"My shirt says that my skirt is AWESOME."

Caption on IG.

Hand-in-pocket shot!


Off to nom my dinner now!

Just staring at these colours are enough to keep me happy! Heh.

I think it would be nice to own the entire set of colours but but but…. I need to control.

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