How is it that some customers don't understand what is a "bounced registered mail due to unclaim"??

And the first thing they say to us is to accuse us of being inefficient and that we didn't send out the parcels on time…


Unclaimed means that the postman already tried to deliver but no one was at home. And you did not claim for the parcel at your nearest post office within the stipulated timeframe. So the parcel was returned to us.

So we email to ask you to top up for postage.

Singpost also needs to do something about it, seems like they don't leave white slips nowadays to inform customers that their parcels are at the post office after attempted delivery?

Then still charge so much more for registered postage!


Next time I should forward all these angsty emails to them and ask them to reply. LOL.


Gives me an excuse to dress down. Hahaha. In my favourite black racercut maxi today and black flip flops.


Yayyyy dinner at TCC after a long day at work!

@jongsy has 50% off for her birthday month so the boyfriends came along too!



Of cos I ordered this.

You can go ahead and call me boring. Go ahead.


Thom and Ben ordered the new black pepper soft shell crab pasta.

Which was not very nice in my opinion. 😩

Hearty Clam Soup which was super yummy!!!


And because there's 50% off, and because we are Singaporeans, we ordered side dishes too! πŸ˜—

Shrooms Bite!

And the spicy wings which lived up to their name.


Or maybe because I'm getting less and less tolerant of spicy food.

This outlet at Novena Square has their air con blasting FULL ON.

It feels like winter wonderland in here.

Can't wait for my desserts to be here so that I fasterly finish them and go off! 😣

Dark Devotion!

Am quite disappointed that the scoop of ice cream tasted of such bad quality compared to the past.

It tastes like the 50 cents Ikea ice cream cone ice cream now. Reeks so much of vanilla essence and has no real vanilla beans. 😑

The cake was still good though!

Friday night with my little princess. πŸ‘ΈπŸ°

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