Feels so blissful to be able to take an afternoon nap.


Brought the mummyng out for her belated Mother's Day lunch today because we were busy with the office move during the actual Mother's Day weekend.

Wanted to head down to the Antoinette at Palais Renaissance but Jess said that it would be super crowded due to the youtube fan fest thing which I didn't know anything about (getting too old for such things haha). So we decided to settle for the Penhas Road outlet!

Rows and rows of colourful macarons which we didn't try today.

So spoilt for choice!


Ordered 2 cakes to share because we were too full after our main courses (which sucked and didn't look good on camera!).

I picked the Angelique and Charlotte.

Time check: 20:38

Let me take a dinner break before continuing this post ok!

Charlotte was pretty decent, but I much preferred the Angelique!

Love the unique blend of flavours in Angelique!

I wouldn't have picked this based on how it looked, but it was a good thing Antoinette had the flavours displayed on a small card beside each cake!

This tasted of white chocolate, black current and had a crunchy hazelnut base! Wouldn't have thought that these flavours could go so well together. ☺

Hahahahaha couldn't stop laughing at this candid photo. My mum looks so cuteeeeee like a crab.

She was actually tidying her hair when this shot was taken, if you're wondering about her weird pose. LOL.

Ok, here's a nicer photo of me and mum.

Got look alike? Hehe.

With the little sis!

My eyes were so swollen due to lack of sleep the night before, but the beauty mode on EX2F is just too awesome. Lol.

And of cos, photo of me and @jongsy!

My fringe is starting to annoy me now. And the question is – to cut or not to cut?

Brought my bicycle along to take my #ootd today!


The stripey top is hands down my favourite dress-down day top!

I've had this for years and I'm always wearing this top on Sundays. Hahaha.

Thom always say "δ½ θΏ™δΉˆε€šθ‘£ζœ but 每δΈͺ sunday meet ζˆ‘ιƒ½η©ΏθΏ™δ»Ά"


It's just damn nua and comfy can. Hahah.

Yellow yellow dirty fellow.

Super love this colour!!

Sunshine is definitely my favourite pick for this midi. Heh. πŸ’›

Have you decided on which colour you're getting yet?

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