I really love the weekends cos I can sleep in without having to worry that I will oversleep and go into office too late. 😌

I do like the feeling of waking up early because it feels like the day is longer and I have more time on my hands. But waking up is a huge problem because I sleep so late at night!

Anyone feels me?

Now I'm off to figure out what to do for the rest of Sunday before Monday rolls around again!

Wanted to wear this combination out yesterday but I eventually wore the midi skirt instead.

Thought I would do a simple flatlay and post it here instead! ☺

Am finally done with dressing myself up and am out of the house to meet Thom now!

Being a girl is so troublesome.

The process of preparing to head out is so long!! And it does not help that I'm having a breakout on my face now and I need double the time to do my makeup. Zzz. 😭😰😔😪😞

Need to do something about my face soon! Maybe DrX again but their products are quite pricey!


Lola's Cafe for the 3rd time!

And yet we still did not reach there in time for brunch. 😦

Because we were the only ones seated outdoors.

Is it just me?

I prefer being outdoors because the vibe is more relaxed, I won't have to listen to the conversations of people next to our table (and vice versa) and the lighting is great for photos of course.

Partner-in-crime when it comes to cafe hopping on weekends! 😘

See what I mean by good lighting?


We also ordered the French Vanilla Beans Creme Brulee but it did not come in time for this #onthetable shot.

#behindthescenes of the #onthetable shot.

Me: Eh b can you hold the cups? They don't look nice in the picture!

Hahaha. #woesofsgboyfriends

Truffle fries which I have been craving for the longest timeeee.

Thought that the cheese flavour was stronger than the truffle flavour though.

Forgot to feedback to the staff when she asked how was the food while giving us the bill.

Sea salt chocolate tart (?) which was quite awesome!

I likey.

They were really generous with the vanilla beans for this creme brulee. 👍

Spotted this (maybe) abandoned vintage bicycle in the back alley.

So it calls for a bicycle ootd!


Love the back design of this tank top.

May be manufacturing it for TTR.


Made Thom do an #ootd too.

He looked so stiff……. Haha. He needs more training in posing. 😶

Ok this is better.



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