Waited soooooo long to wear this bralet out and I finally can this week because we're launching it on Sunday!


My red bag is overly-abused. Hahaha.

This bralet feels really secure when worn, for those who are worried about your 'modesty' and thinking if you should get it.

I didn't have to keep tugging on it to make sure that my bra didn't peek out.

And it's super flattering! 😍

So excessively in love with it that we made it in 5 colours!!

Shall preview other colours in a minute!

Actually in many minutes…

I'm off to eat dinner now!

Back with photos to show!

Fresh out of editing! Are you ready?

First up, black!

Because I really like how we styled it. Heh.

DX kept this colour for herself! ☺


My favourite colour of the lot!
Weird because I usually either go for the brights, white or black. I really hardly go for such dark colours, but somehow this colour really attracts me!


Forest Green.

Val kept this colour because she said this was her favourite colour when she was younger. 😂

Hot Pink.

You saw this coming, didn't you? Hot Pink obsession still going on. Hahah.

Cobalt Blue.

The colour I wore today! 😊

I seriously think that I'm not over Cobalt Blue just yet. Super inclined to pick this colour whenever I see it on fabric charts! 😳

Ok I'm off to enjoy the rest of my night already!

Goodnight! 😘

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