Pink Wednesday

Life is short, don't be lazy.

For the nth time, I really like such shades of pink.


The infamous staircase which @jongsy and I like taking our #ootd at.

"Candid" walking shot.

Was really using my phone while @jongsy took this shot.


I hardly look okay in candid shots. So this is THE CHOSEN ONE for today's ig post!

Love the cute flounce of this skirt! So glad we did this in neoprene! 😁

It is always a challenge picking materials for items. Just a slight difference in material actually makes a big difference in the end product. And we also have to factor in customers' likings etc.

Sometimes, you imagine that using this fabric to make this certain design will turn out nice. But it does not always turn out well. LOL. Sometimes they can turn out to be a nightmare….. 😨

But super got sense of satisfaction whenever customers tell us that they like our apparels!

Hi @gloriaseng! Not sure if you have a Dayre account but your comment totally made my day! ☀

It's always a positive motivation whenever customers email in and let us know how happy they are when they receive their TTR apparels and that they love our service.

I may not be the one personally replying to the mails, but screenshots of such happy feedback usually gets forwarded to everyone on the team! 🙂

And since I did a preview on all the colours of the bralet I wore yesterday, I shall be fair and do a preview for this skirt too!


White is definitely one of my picks for skirts! Probably because they have the power to go with every single colour I have in my wardrobe! Good for lazy days when I don't want to think about whether my top will clash with my skirt.

Navy is also another colour that won't go wrong.

This will look really cute if you pair it with a red plaid shirt!! 😍

Baby Blue.

Colour of the season! 🙌

Cannot stop myself from picking this colour whenever I spot it on the charts. If I had my way, all the items this season would come in this colour. Thank god for @jongsy. She acts like my self control (which I obviously have too little of) whenever I place orders for items. Hahaha.

And Hot Pink again.

Because my model wore it way better than I do. Heh.

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