At the money changer's and this auntie just cut my queue.


Why some people so annoying ah?

Wanted to say something but kept my mouth shut. Take it as I accumulate good karma.

Today's outfit details:

Sweater which I got on sale from Topshop ($39 only!!)

Flippy Scuba Skirt in Navy from #thetinselrack (not ashamed to say that I kept this in all colours, look at the flounce! So cute!)

Platforms from ASOS

After a few shots, @jongsy proclaimed that I'm having a bad-face-day, and proceeded to crop my face out of all the other photos.


Trying to balance on the kerb…

And fell.

But this pose turned out not bad. Hahaha. Although I don't know why my hands like this. 😳

And my leg muscles need to maintain a bit.

Last shot before I stop spamming you with my outfit photos.

Now I need to pick one to post on IG.

Finally I can say, YAY IT'S FRIDAY! Watching XMEN later, so happy!

Had another meeting with Yoko today and we are SO CLOSE to finalising the new web layout!

She also showed me the new polymailer designs which she came up with. All too nice and I'm having troubling deciding on just one! Maybe can do two designs? Hahaha. And yepp we're finally abandoning paper envelopes and going for polymailers.

Your parcels will not arrive torn and tattered anymore! ✌

I think I am quite good at telling when Thom is lying.

Yesterday he was telling me that he was watching a movie with his friends, so he would whatsapp me after that.


And he replied and said that he was not and that we could watch Xmen together today.

Just now I asked him the same question again, but face to face.

And he replied that they watched Maleficient.

I immediately could tell that he was lying.

Either he's a bad liar, or I'm quite good at reading his expressions. Hahahah.

Called him out on his lie and told him I will only forgive him if he gives all his work bonus to me. And he said ok.

LOL. 😛

#badgirlfriend #butitworks #nowimrich

Finally got to eat Sukiya after more than a month of craving!!

Don't judge okay. 20 plates of meat to be shared amongst 4 people.


The service here is terrible though. Almost non existent because they are super shorthanded today! 2 staff only! All the customers are getting super impatient and kept walking around asking for their meat. So we decided to order all at one go!

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