This morning saw me driving to MBS at 8.30am.

It has honestly been ages since I'm out and about so early! Feels good to be breathing in all that fresh morning air.

But other than that, traffic and ERP charges are HORRIBLE. Hahaha.

Attended an event as a Singapore International Water Week blogger. More details up on my blog soon!


Quite happy that my day is off to a early start thanks to this event! Gonna make the best use of it!

Oh, and thank you @ahmantha for accompanying me!!! 😘

My attempt at looking like an OL. Not very formal though, my shoes fail. Hahaha.

Was panicking when I was told that I needed to turn up for the event in formal wear. The last time I wore formal wear was for my last presentation in NUS business. Which was…. 2 years ago?

And I think I threw all my formal wear after I graduated because I didn't think that I would have any use for them anymore. Who knew? 😳

Luckily I managed to dig out a black blazer which does not belong to me! Hahaha.

It's mid afternoon now and I'm feeling like this. 😴

Need to get used to waking up early!

That's my baby cousin at yesterday's wedding lunch btw. So cute and chubs hor? 😁

Immediately changed out of my OL outfit after I was done with the event this morning.

Hahaha this outfit is so much more comfortable to be in! I feel like myself in this outfit. Heh.

Colours for the day.

Lots and lots of colours because it's Monday.

Have you noticed it yet?



In prints!

Rainbow brushstroke prints!


Sorry if I sounded too enthusiastic.

Hahaha. But ain't this skirt pretty!

It's such a tough task to find printed material that is almost as thick as the solid colours! For those who have the solid version, the material is damn good and thick right??

We didn't manage to find the exact same thick material in prints, but this printed version definitely does not feel flimsy in comparison at all. ☺



Anddddd it's going to be launched this Wednesday! We're bringing back our popular skirts in prints on Wednesday! Guess which other skirt is on the list??

Backorders for the Flippy Scuba Skirt and Sun Seekers Bralet in Black and Mulberry up on the website now! πŸŽ‰

I'm gonna go get some work done now! Reply you girls in the comment box a bit later ok? πŸ˜‰

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