It's the third day since I took my HPV vaccination and my arm feel even more sore than the first day. 😭

I can't even sleep on my left side now, and it used to be my favourite side to sleep on.

It was a good thing the doctor reminded me to take the jab on my non dominant arm! I happily offered my right arm and he checked with me if I was a right hander. πŸ˜…

Salad from Toss & Turn for late lunch earlier before photoshoot!

Quite yummy because I spam ingredients like sauteed mushroom, smoked salmon, corn and edamame beans! Their caesar sauce is also really nice. Although I think the way I customised my salad makes it not so healthy anymore… 😳 Still, healthier than eating fast food right?

Wore this palazzo jumpsuit again but in a different colour! ✌

Some designs just have the ability to make me feel like wearing over and over again.

And this is one such design. Am also rather proud of this design
because I drew it out for my factory from scratch. 😁


This is the kind of design which makes you feel instantly taller and slimmer altogether.


Really wanted to keep all the colours! But my wardrobe is screaming in protest. So I relented and kept only 3. 😳

Anyway, I did a quick scroll through my Dayre posts and realised that I did not upload my #ootd for the pink one. Hahahah. Brains really spoil.

Attended my cousin's wedding lunch at Raffles Hotel on Sunday and I thought it was a perfect occasion to wear out my pink jumpsuit! ☺

Love this marbled staircase!

I really want marble floors for my future home leh. Hahah. But gotta ask Thom first. 😢

The photo I posted on IG. ☺

The pretty bride and dashing groom!

My cousin is a year younger than me and we used to grow up playing together. We didn't really keep in super close contact after we were all grown up, but I'm still really happy that she found herself a doting husband and is ready to start on a new phase of life. ☺

Another of my cousin, Sophie.

This one here can't wait to get married and have kids of her own. Her boyfriend better hurry find job! Hahaha.

With the sisters and grandma! πŸ‘΅πŸ‘§πŸ‘§πŸ‘§

My grandma's eyes were like πŸ˜’

Hehe, so cute.

My smallest cousin with her signature "pose".

Hahahah. ε€ͺ可爱 please.

Yayyyy managed to finish my Dayre post before the clock striked 12!

Came home really late today because TTR girls had a dinner gathering for the May babies at Irodori. Love them girls!!! 😘

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