I really dislike it when people use the word "unfair".

This world is NEVER fair.

If it were, everyone in this world would be living in first world countries, with a gabillion dollars in their bank accounts, and everyone would be living happily ever after.

But such situation would not be occurring anytime soon, so I guess the world is indeed unfair after all. 😒

Just suck it up and move on with life. Life is unfair. This world is unfair.



LOL Thom just sent me this and told me "Today is your lucky day!"

I thought he was going to send me a photo of my horoscope today or something.

My bf is such a stalker!

My hair is so messy in this photo but #idontcare. 😂

Decked in #thetinselrack's Sun Seeker Bralet (yupp still loving it!) and our upcoming All Day Culottes in Salmon!

Calling it All Day Culottes because I can really wear this for the entire day cos it's so, so comfy! I'm sure you will love the fabric!

Sorry for disappearing before I finished posting the rest of my ootds!

Had a shoot to do! 📷

It's so hard to describe how perfectly comfy this material is.

It's like this soft woven fabric which feels so extremely light and smooth. Hahah. Ok my vocab sucks. I should hire a copywriter for TTR. 😳

Tried twirling but #fail.

#fail 2.

Can't wait to wear the rest of the colours out!!!! 💁💆🙆🙋

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