Leaving for a work trip tonight and I'm excited!!!

It sounds crazy but I love work trips.

Just worried about the fact that I have to do extra work on my work trip because I have yet to finish editing photos…… 😥

Since I have yet to take my #ootd today, I shall tempt you with a preview of all the colours for the All Day Culottes!! 😁



(Hooray if you have spotted the Joni Hi Neck Basic in stripes!! We're launching it this Sunday too!)



If you have noticed, all 4 colours are styled very differently.

Because this pair of culottes is really versatile! You can pair it any way you like and still look chic in it. 😏

I personally love the combination for Ivory and Navy the best!! Already preparing to bring them along for my Korea trip! ✌

Today's grey black white to match the gloomy weather.

The dilemma about keeping all colours of an item – which colour to wear out first?? 😯

Sitting in a cab now heading towards the airport.

Hoping for a fruitful trip!!! 😬

My cute little fluff who turns all mopey whenever she sees our luggages being brought out.

Hehehe too cute!!!

$45.20 worth of xiao long baos before our flight. 😂😂

I insist on posting this even though @jongsy said that it's "brown brown and not appetising" because it's my favourite foie gras flavour! Heh.

Ok bye I'm off! Will update my Dayre on the other side!

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