So busy that I have no time to properly update on my Dayre.

We spent the entire day scouring for nice fabrics yesterday. Then after dinner, we headed back to the hotel to prepare for tomorrow's launch and sort out the samples till 3am. 😴

By then, I was just so tired that all I wanna do is crash onto the hotel bed.

Went to order customized poly mailers just now!

Can't wait for them to be ready!

Show you a little sneak peek of the first draft that Yoko sent me!!

We picked really cute colours for the base of the poly mailers.


The other design!!!!!


I don't usually take ootds when I'm on work trips because I prefer to go makeup-less and dress comfy (sloppy). Hahaha.

But I really wanted to wear this pair of culottes because they're so comfy!!

Found a small alley near our hotel and decided to take photos there! People walking by were totally judging but we didn't care. They don't know us anyway. Heh.

This actually looks like it's taken in Singapore. Hahaha.

Was damn afraid that the boxes would collapse on me.

Photobombed. Hahahah.

It was quite torturing to wear this top…. Because it's made of knit and is long sleeved. And the weather here is about 30 plus deg C! 😨

But… I insisted.

The things I do for ootds. Hahaha.

Dealing with all these later on…


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