Kimchi Land Day 2

Can't believe that I'm up and about so early.

Actually in Korea, it's an hour ahead. So right now it's about 8.20am?

We booked a tour to the DMZ and I'm pretty intrigued to see how is it like over there at the borders, after having read about North Korea some time back.

Not sure if photos are allowed there, but I'll update if I can!

/stifles yawn

We booked a tour via Seoul City Tours and they picked us up at the guesthouse.

The bus ride to DMZ was about 1 hour plus.

We didn't have time to grab breakfast because apparently we didn't wake up early enough. Hahaha.

I was quite worried that there wouldn't be any chance along the way for us to buy food.

So happy when we found shops selling food there!


My half asleep half awake face.

It was a good thing I managed to catch up on some sleep on the journey there. 😌

Found this pot of brown looking stuff which I thought were coffee beans at first….

But upon closer inspection, they were actually silk worms. πŸ˜–πŸ˜–

We weren't really allowed to take photos once we entered the DMZ because of military regulations and whatnot. So I didn't manage to get many shots.

There were barbed wires everywhere, separating South Korea from North Korea. The troops were also constantly on patrol.

It was quite an interesting tour because we got to understand more about the history of how Korea became a divided nation, and how tense the situation between South and North Korea has been throughout the years.

Colourful ribbons praying for the unification of Korea.

We also entered an exhibition hall to learn more about how DMZ came about, more historical stuff, and also watched a 8 min clip about the Korean war.

Also went into the 3rd tunnel, one of the four tunnels which North Korea dug to infiltrate South Korea.

The tunnel is 70m underground and we had to walk this super steep slope down!

Walking down is no problem, but walking back up almost killed me. 😭 Felt super dizzy and light headed after we emerged from the tunnel. Fatty me needs more exercise!

This observation tower was the nearest that we could see the inside of North Korea.

They had this yellow line which does not permit any photo-taking beyond. So this was the nearest photo I could take. Lol.

We spent 500 won on a telescope and we managed to see the factories and moving trucks in North Korea! Didn't manage to spot any North Koreans though.

The tour ended an hour ago and we're back in Cityhall, heading for shopping and some food now. ☺

Went back to this awesome jjimdak place at Ewha which @jongsy's friend brought us to before!!

So glad I could still find it!

This place has no English name so I doubt you can google it. I think I did give directions on my Korea blogpost though, if you want to try!

Apparently this place is very popular amongst Singaporeans, judging by all the comments on my IG. πŸ˜‚

Seaweed rice which goes super well with the sauce! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

Korean seaweed with rice is so genius omg.

We only spent 20,000 won for 2 because we got their lunch set!

The signboard is a chicken hugging a chili. If you happen to walk pass any of their outlets, do give it a try!

One of my favourite food places in Seoul for sure.

Happy face after lunch!!

My face is damn swollen today though… Water retention because I ate too much sodium yesterday. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Went for churros after lunch!

Wanted to bring Thom to the previous churros place @jongsy and I chanced upon, but they closed down already!!! 😭

How sad is that.

We walked about the area and found this other cafe which serves churros and coffee, so we thought we would give it a try.

Say hello to Nutty Choco! Look at that oozing chocolate!


We accidentally ordered too many churros due to language barrier (so many Koreans cannot speak English well!). But try the ones with filling inside if you happen to come here!

Again, this was a random find so I didn't note down the directions.

Milky Boy was also damn good!!

The filling is like a less sweet and dense version of condensed milk.

They have a cute carousel horse outside their shop!

I made Thom take a photo with it. Hehe.

Korean inspired #ootd for today!

The weather is surprisingly rather cooling the entire day (feels like I'm in an air con room the whole time) so this outfit was perfect.

Along the shopping streets of Ewha!

Candid. Hehe.

Went shopping at Hongdae after we finished at Ewha because I was tasked to check out Style Nanda, specifically 3CE. Hahaha.

Ok la, and also because I want to buy also. 😳

I forgot my way there and had to check out my own blog for directions! LOL.

I was quite surprised that my blogpost was so extremelyyyy detailed. I used to be such a hardworking blogger. Hahaha. Need to buck up.

Remind me to blog about my Korea trip k!!! πŸ™

Came out with a huge bag of course, what did you expect? Hahaha. 😁😁

Didn't try chicken and beer on my last trip so I wanted to try it this time!

Love the soy sauce fried chicken! So crispy, juicy and flavourful! Not a fan of beer so I only drank a bit.

On our way back to the guesthouse now with arms full of shopping bags.


Guess it's another early night for me since we gotta check out and move to a new hotel tomorrow!

Looking forward to my adventures tomorrow!

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