Kimchi Land Day 3

Started my day at a cafe near Big John's Place!

We were supposed to check out today and move to another hotel in the Anguk area.. So we decided to give this cafe a try!

They specialize in hand dripped coffees!

Picking out our pastries for brunch!

Pretzels bigger than my palm! βœ‹

They have really good coffee. 😍

Our hearty brunch!

I didn't want to order the panini initially because how good can panini be, right?

Boy was I wrong! Turned out to be so delish! Definitely would have regretted if I did not order this. Chockful of flavours that go extremely well together!

Chocolate bread. Best that I've had. 🍫

And it's freshly baked!

We chose outdoor seating because the weather was so good.

Bright skies and light breezes.

Loving my life in Seoul. 😌

And of course, how can I miss my chance to ootd at such a pretty place? πŸ˜‚

Top upcoming on #thetinselrack this Sunday!

Super love the prints! I actually spotted the exact same print at Zara a few weeks back, hehe. It's like a mix of vibrant florals and pineapples, super summery!

This top comes in your favourite cracked marble print too!

Checked into Aventree Jongno after we left Big John's. I like this hotel! Bright, clean and spacious!

Went exploring at Samcheongdong area which was a short 5 minutes walk from our hotel! Super convenient! ☺

Fresh change of clothes!

Wore the upcoming soft mesh midi skirt out. Perfect outfit to explore the pretty streets.

Most of the shops along this street have really nice exterior! 😍

Cafe which we didn't get to try out today.

My belly constantly feels very full. Hahah. Wish I had more bellies so that I can stuff more good food in me!!!

Decided to rest our feet at this pretty garden cafe which I saw the last time I was here with Aloy and @jongsy!

This place looks straight out of a Korean drama. Hahah.

We went for the tea set which consists of a waffle and 2 drinks!

Fat and fluffy waffles topped with sorbet and fresh fruits!!

Super cute miniature potted plants!!

They are really damn tiny. I could fit 5 of these on my palm with no problem. πŸ˜‚

Craving for some rice and traditional Korean dishes! So we wandered into this hot pot stew place along the streets of Myeongdong after we were well rested from afternoon's exploration of Samcheongdong.

This is so good though! I really wish they had a namecard or at least an English name so you could google how to get there.

The spiciness was just nice (some places have it too spicy!) and I really enjoyed the meal. The stew + rice for 2 (plus extra ramen) only came up to about 17000 won!

Even the banchan is nice here!!!

Well, at least I took a photo of the exterior and the Korean name! It's on the second storey.

Didn't manage to note down directions because Myeongdong is crazily dizzy with similar shops from every direction!!!

You can erm, try to find this place according to this photo? Heh. Good luck!! It's worth the hassle of searching for it, I promise! πŸ˜‹

After dinner was more shopping and trying out the different kinds of street food!

Korea remains the only place which I dare to eat food on the streets. Hahaha.

All the street food tasted so good and we were so spoilt for choice!! My favourite is not this egg bread but it looks the most photogenic.

Gonna shop more, at Dongdaemun now!!

Shopping is a tiring job.

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