Kimchi Land Day 4

Out and about and going for samgaetang!!

Wanted to bring Thom to the famous Toksochon for some ginseng chicken.

But the queue was horrendously long because today is a Saturday (I'm guessing). And probably also because we were there at 1pm.



We quickly changed our minds about having ginseng chicken because we didn't want to join the snaking queue under the sun.

Went in search of food nearby the area, and Thom suggested this pork cutlet place which we saw on our way to Toksochon!

The pork cutlet was so good omg. Just the best.

The cutlet was extremely tender and not tough at all, but yet you could hardly taste obvious bits of fat in it. Does not taste oily as well even though it's deep fried!

Yummy in our tummies!

Thom ordered the cheese pork cutlet.

I had the garlic pork cutlet.

We both unanimously agreed that garlic was nicer!

The garlic sauce was really good as well!!!

This magical sauce with grounded sesame seeds complements the cutlet sooooo well!

Yummy rice with seaweed bits mixed in!

Why all the rice in Korea taste so yummy?? Save me!

The signboard of this place!

I do have the directions as well, it's pretty simple to find this place!

Take the subway to Gyeongbokgong station and go out from exit 2.

Walk straight and you'll see lots of shops like Etude House, Baskin Robbins and 7/11 on the left side. This place is just one of the shops on the left side!

If you want to try Toksochon, you just walk straight till you see GS25, then turn left. 😉

Today's outfit!

Loving the vibrant tropical prints on my skirt!

We're launching it tomorrow!! 🎉

Went back to our hotel to rest for a bit before we head out again!

Went back to the Gangnam area because we have not explored the Garosu-gil when we were staying at Big John's.

Alighted at the Sinsa station and took exit 8 cos it's the nearest!

Here are a mind-boggling amount of cafes at Garosu-gil!

I think I can spend a month just cafe hopping here. Hahaha. So hard to choose just one cafe to go to! Definitely worth coming here if you're a cafe lover.

This pretty garden style cafe which I really wanted to go into! But I was so full by then. 😩

Google told me that there's a dessert cafe in the area which I should check out!

So we settled down at Deux Amis to have some cakes for tea.

There was a short wait before we got seated though. Garosu-gil is full of locals because today is a Saturday.

Every table was occupied!

This cake was a mistake!

I wanted to order a green tea dessert which I saw many people eating.. So I pointed at the only green tea item I could find on the menu. Turns out I ordered the wrong thing!

The staff couldn't really speak much English so I didn't want to go through the hassle of reordering.

The salted caramel cake was super good though!!

I also recommend their chocolate drinks! Thom said their coffees were alright only. Haha.

There were also a couple of florists there.. Couldn't resist checking them out!

Even the flowers look better in Seoul! Haha. I also love their way of wrapping bouquets using brown paper. So cute and rustic!

Spotted a really cute vintage mini cooper on the streets!

It belongs to one of the shop owners.

Couldn't resist taking a photo with it!

My dream car. Hehe.

Tonight is my second consecutive night shopping at Myeongdong!

Already broke. 😫😫😫

Hahaha. Thought I would be better at allocating my spendings this time round but apparently not.

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