Kimchi Land Day 5



Time is passing too fast!

Decided to revisit Hongdae today again because we didn't really explore this place that much the other day.

Having our lunch right now at this place called Myth Jokbal. Walked passed the other day and saw that it was bustling with people. So we're here to give it a try!

Heading to Incheon Airport now to catch my flight back to Singapore.

It has been such a fun trip!!! Bought so many things, haha.

Thought I would make use of my olleh egg to update about my day before we return it at the counter later!

Gonna be taking the airport express from Seoul station!

Cabs are as expensive here as in Singapore. So we thought it would be better to take the train to the airport.

Thom found himself a cafe to chill at while I made my last round of purchase at Style Nanda. šŸ˜‚

This cafe is just opposite the Style Nanda shop in Hongdae.

I think he went in because he liked the monochrome deco of the cafe. Haha. He said the cafe latte (again!) he ordered was slightly below average.

Hipster logo. Hahaha.


And then we stopped by to have shaved ice because the sun was insane today.

So hot that I actually felt dizzy after being in the sun for too long! Guess summer is really here. Haha.

I didn't note down the address of the shaved ice place but I suppose you can't miss it if you're in the main shopping area of Hongdae!

It's along the main road and has huge photos of their different flavoured shaved ice on their windows. Pretty eye catching!

Oh and this afternoon's lunch at Myth Jokbal!

It's a bit like xio ba (ēƒ§č‚‰) with garlic sauce! And it comes with a hot pot of soup and noodles. Quite nice!!! šŸ˜

Let me backtrack this post a little to yesterday night's dinner at a random Korean eating place at Myeongdong!

I honestly don't know how to give directions to the shops in Myeongdong. Too confusing! We usually just walk into any shop which looks good and has lots of people in it. Hahaha.

This tuna and kimchi gimbap was really yummy even though Thom doesn't like the pickles in it!

Just realized that my post today is all over the place, but never mind!! Hahaha.

Finally had my soondubujigae!! Tofu stew! šŸ˜

I always forget that such stews in Korea almost definitely comes with a bowl of rice. Which was why I ordered the gimbap. Lol. But no regrets!!

Beef bugolgi! šŸ˜‹

Had such a good time in Seoul! But I'm not reluctant to return back to Sg this time round because I tell myself that I'm gonna work harder so that I get to play harder the next holiday!

Love the boyfriend so much for always putting up with me being annoying on purpose, waiting around ever patiently while I do my girly shopping, never nagging at me when I go into the same shop for the 84859593th time, changing more money for me when I go broke, navigating us around when I have no idea which direction to walk, and willingly helping me carry my shopping bags.

Thank you bb I know you'll be reading this. šŸ˜˜

Already looking forward to our next trip together!!!

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