Work Day, Play Day

Had a fun hour out with the sisters after we were done waiting for the shipment to come! The shipping company really needs to work on their efficiency. The stocks were supposed to be in like, yesterday? πŸ˜’

Back in the office after our shoot break for photoshoot now. But super crisis because now the transmitter is refusing to work. Why oh why. 😭

Waiting for the hiao one to be done with her makeup.


We didn't want to go too far so we picked a place near the office!

So happy that NOM is near our office!

Went there to try their famous rainbow cake. We picked the salted caramel flavour and it was good!

Hands down the best rainbow cake I've tried so far. Heh.

NOM stands for "No Other Meaning". πŸ˜‚

Pretty rainbow layers!!

Their food was a letdown though.

The truffle fries lacked of truffle flavour, and the rosti was just very mediocre.

Ordered the half and half pizza because we were undecided between smoked duck and smoked salmon.

It appeared that we should have just ordered smoked duck as a whole pizza because the smoked salmon was pretty bad. πŸ˜”

Today's shipment was a happy one even though we had to go back to office specially to wait for it.

Our clothes now come with customised apparel care tags! ☺

Happy happy!

Launching this gorgeous skirt on Sunday! 😍😍

Took this along the streets of Myeongdong!

It's like my favourite place in Seoul. So much shopping and food!

So many distracting people in the background, but focus on the skirt please!! 😁

See you this Sunday!

Lots of exciting items coming your way! There's another stripey sleeved top I can't wait to preview!

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