Le Noir


It's giving me a perpetual headache every single day. Days like this make me hate living in Singapore. 😑

On my way to MBS to catch Le Noir with Thom thanks to Nuffnang! ☺

Great end to my Thursday!

Can't wait to catch the performance later!!


Grabbed this description of the show off the sistic website: Starring some of the most incredible acts on earth, LE NOIR is an extraordinary evening of intimate cirque style entertainment. A cast of world class acrobats, musicians, specialty acts and comedians are the centerpiece of this cutting edge production.

Le Noir was such a visual feast!

The acrobatics were super mind blowing to say the least. I kept going 'omg omg' hahaha so annoying. But really exciting!

Definitely worth the ticket price if you're thinking of catching this performance while they're still in town!

All the performers like 不要命 one please. 😱😱😱

Mini spoiler alert. They allowed non flash photography on our phones so I took a few photos!


I think it's almost humanly impossible to balance on that stack of things???

Ok end of spoilers. Hahaha.

Showing you my #ootd for Le Noir!

Mathilda Midi Dress upcoming on TTR this weekend!

Thom's photography skills today nubadddd. Hahaha.

Love my new lemon yellow bag from C&K! So bright and cheery. Hehe. 😁

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