En route to the airport now for my 3rd time out of the country this month!

It's the lightest luggage I've packed so far, but not like I have a choice la Thom didn't book check-in luggage. 😂

Still, that didn't keep me from packing till the very last minute. LOL. My bad habit ought to be changed! Forever last minute.

Wore the Perry Sleeved Top out last week! Love how flattering it is. ☺

Stole a red hat from the studio because I think it matches my outfit. Hahah.


Hehe. Got myself the 7 days unlimited internet sim card for only 299 baht at the airport so that I can stay connected on my travels!

Feels good to be back again!

BKK is amazing. I come here at least once every year and yet there's still so much to do every time I come.

Can't wait to throw our bags in the hotel room and start exploring!

Checked into The Berkeley Hotel and I super love the brightness and spaciousness of our room!! 😍

Greeted by the view of Bangkok city because our room is on the 31st storey!

We managed to book this room at a steal of $80 per night because they were having some promotion at Agoda. Heh. ✌

Going to eat at our favourite Bar B Q Plaza now! Ttyl!

Our must-eat whenever we are in BKK!!

Happy boy with his pet dino. Hahaha.

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