Updated halfway last night because my network was screwed up.

We went shopping at Big C Supermarket after dinner last night because Thom wanted to shop for some food.

Idk why so many Singaporeans like to shop here though, besides the fact that they have like a thousand different snacks. Hahaha. Just like our Giant supermarket what.

Singaporean at Thai supermarket.

Grab all the snacks because all very cheap!



So many Lays flavours!! 😍😍😍

We headed out around noon today and went to the Chatuchak market!

Of course, the famous coconut ice cream is a must!

Had 2 rounds of this yummy ice cream. I always feel so greedy when I'm in BKK.

很 yummy!!

Didn't even bother to really dress up because I knew that it would get really hot and humid.

Picked this upcoming romper which is super fuss-free and just perfect for shopping in Chatuchak. One thing I love about printed rompers: they look so good on their own! Even with flip flops and all my ε€§εŒ…ε°εŒ…. Haha.

Blurred wefie taken by Thom. Hurhur.

Sat down to eat the yummy chicken noodle soup after a round of shopping.

I didn't really buy anything.. Only a few pairs of shades and a super duper cute hand knitted pineapple bag! Clothes in BKK have lost their appeal to me long ago. Haha.

Soooo yummy and only $2 a bowl!!!

Today's loot from CTC!

So cute right my bag! And the heart shaped sunnies!!

I only bought a spag top from CTC when it came to apparels. Haha really nothing much for me to buy!


I also bought this pair of Madame Flamingo heels yesterday, on 50% sale!!!

I may be away physically, but my mind is back in Singapore with @jongsy settling work before launch!

Hehe remember to catch our launch in 5 minutes! πŸ™†

Dinner @ Som Tam Nua!

The famed fried chicken!

Finally got to try them today! πŸ˜‹

The spicy soup which was way too sour for my liking! 😩

Regretted ordering this!

The salted eggs were a nice twist to the traditional som tam (papaya salad)!

Enjoyed this quite a lot.

Went over to Siam Paragon for After You!

I missed this so much ever since my last visit here in August last year.

Had to take a number and wait for about 10 minutes before we got seats.


Nutella Coffee with no nutella taste. Hahah. But still good coffee nevertheless!


Shibuya Honey Toast. Oh how I have missed you so. 😁😁😁

Before the day is over, I shall update this post with my #ootd from today!

Took it just in the nick of time, because it started pouring really heavily after we returned to our room. β˜”



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