Started the day with SabX2 wanton mee!!

I didn't have high hopes for it since @jongsy tried it on her last BKK trip and said it tasted really average.

But turns out, I LOVE IT! Hahaha. There was so much pork lard 😍 and the noodles were nice and springy! The wanton was filled with meat and was really well seasoned. Heading here again tomorrow before I fly back to SG to have my fill of this!

The portion was really small for 50 baht per bowl though. Thom was still hungry after eating a bowl, but we decided to save our tummy space for other food!

How the outside of the shop looks like. It is situated inside the lane to the left side of Glow hotel.

I'm sure you can find more detailed directions if you google. And it is easy to find given how many Singaporeans were there at the same time I was there. Hahah.

Went to Roast for our lunch because Thom wanted to try the coffee there.

We cabbed there because the weather was horrid. 😔

Wearing TTR's upcoming top! Loveeeeee.

Might be updating my ootd photos tomorrow instead because the reception in my hotel room is so bad. 😭 Takes me 5 minutes to upload one photo!


Hahaha. Thom said that their coffee is good. And I agree! Definitely recommend this place if you're a coffee lover. ☕

Eggs ben with crispy parma ham – so good.

One of the top few eggs benny in my list for sure.

I've been visiting cafes so much while I'm overseas that I don't even find the urge to go cafe-hunting when I'm back in SG.

Cafes in SG are always crowded (long queues urgghhh) and too noisy for my liking, and the food standard is definitely not yet as high as the better cafes in Seoul and BKK.

I feel that the food standard, food presentation and cafe decor must not be lacking in order to make a good cafe. It's definitely a huge letdown for me if the cafe looks good but food lackluster.

Chocolate lava cake.

Not as impressed with this compared to the coffee and eggs ben because it wasn't oozy enough for my liking!!

Interesting wall of quote I found outside Roast!

There were a few other cafes in the same area (Seen Space Thong Lor) but pity we were too full to try them out.

They have After You in the vicinity too!

Happy after a satisfying cafe meal!

Wearing my new reflective shades I got from CTC!

Didn't really do anything much today but I enjoy being relaxed and not having to follow a tightly packed itinerary on vacation.

We also went to walk around for a bit at Platinum Mall but I ended up empty handed. 😔 Thom bought 3 tees!

Before I forget, we're doing a midweek launch this week since many of you said that you like having 2 launches per week!

We're bringing back the Kidston Shirt this time round! Managed to find a slightly better cotton material and we decided to redo this design since we received many emails asking about the restock of this design. ☺

It's a really versatile piece, I have worn my old piece for so many times already. Time for me to keep a new piece since the old one is all worn out already!

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