Yesterday's #ootd.

Thought I would make the best use of my 7 day unlimited Internet to update before I leave BKK. 😁

We also made this cropped top in another colour! I picked white/red/navy because it's such a classic combination. 😍

Popped over to another room at 12 midnight to give my friend Aloy a birthday surprise!

He happened to be staying in the same hotel as us, what are the chances!

Had fun catching up and playing drinking games till late. 😁 Woke up late today but just in time for our check out. Hahaha.

Too much alcohol last night. Look at my swollen eyes. 😭

We decided to explore somewhere new today and Thom found a hidden gem of a restaurant through his best friend Google.

So we went! It's called Kuppa and it's located at 39 Sukumvhit Soi 16.

I got a shock because I ordered pancakes and these came.

Definitely the fluffiest pancakes I've had. They were really good too! I was afraid that they would turn out doughy because they looked so much like doughnuts. But they tasted as fluffy and airy as they looked. 😋

Thai Spicy Salad.

Extremely flavourful and there was so much meat! I would have thought that this was a meat dish instead of a salad dish if I hadn't ordered it from the menu myself.

They were supposed to be famous for their coffee as well, but I didn't think much of the iced coffee I ordered. Haha. Or maybe I'm just a noob in drinking coffee.

Roast did better where coffee is concerned, imo.

And the winner on the table goes to their Crispy Pork Leg!

I don't know how they did it but it was so extremely crispy, not oily in the least and super tender and juicy on the inside. You could hear the skin crackle as you cut through the pork leg.

Too good.

Our bill only came up to 1500 baht for all that we ordered. That's really cheap given that dishes of the same standard in SG would cost us more than twice of what we paid for here. 😱

And here's what I wore today.

Pineapple bag which I bought from Chatuchak on the second day! 🍍🍍🍍

On my way to the airport now.

See you all back in SG! 👋

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