The Fabulous Baker Boy

Met for brunch today with my new accidental friend @bbernice!

We've been chatting regularly over whatsapp and finally today we found time for a meetup.

I say accidental because I'm usually not one who goes all out making new friends all the time. I'm no good at socialising and am usually awkward during social events. When it comes to making friends, I believe in going with the flow. Which makes me not so good at attending blogger events. Haha.

Asked @jongsy along since she knows Bernice through IG as well. Heh.

One thing I like about social media is that I usually get to meet friends for keeps through it, although I don't usually actively comment on other people's IG. Like what I said, I prefer leaving friendships to fate and not forcing it.

The FAB eggs benedict which had really cute round poached eggs!

I believe that we spent a minute discussing about how they made their poached eggs so round. Hahaha.

The chilli crab mac n cheese which surprisingly won me over. I was expecting to prefer the eggs ben more. Haha.

But it's the first mac n cheese that I really liked! Maybe because I'm a fan of chilli crab. πŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ™†

Red velvet cake which was pretty average imo!

THE WHITE CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY CAKE (can't remember the exact name!!) WAS TO DIE FOR.

The flavour is so damn genius. I think I wanna go back soon for this again!!! πŸ’†

So glad that we gave TFBB a visit today. Really happy to have found another nice brunch place in SG! I've been disappointed with the recent local cafes I've been to..

Yay to new found friendships and new found brunch spots! ☺

OOTD because they are rainbow skirt twins. πŸ‘― @jongsy @bbernice

We also took a group photo together but it was sooooo humid and I looked like crap so I decided not to post it. πŸ™…


Owell, at least I looked okay in my ootd shots. πŸ˜”

Prettiest pleated maxi skirt upcoming on TTR!! 😍 😍😍

I wore another colour during my Korea trip.. If I can still find the photos I'll post them here later!

It's gonna be a spam of photos.

I'm not kidding you. Haha.

And the #windblowing shots begin.



The secret to achieving the wind-in-your-skirt-but-no-messy-hair look….

Is to find a place with no wind.

Ask a friend to hold your skirt up, fling it down and dodge the camera as the shutter clicks shut. πŸ˜‚ Bernice is that poor friend today who had to do all of the above.

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