It's 3am now and I just finished watching Transformers!!

Only managed to get the tickets to the 12am show and I totally did not expect the show to go on for as long as it did.

Freezing my ass off in the cinema and kept hoping the movie would end. It was so action packed that it got boring after a while. 😂

Gonna head home to bed now. Goodnight!

Before I forget, we're having our TTR Event Week again at Miyoc Jcube from today till 4 Jul (next Friday)!

We stocked in quite a few unlaunched items there so do check it out if you're in the area!! 😉

Spot anything new? ☺

Finally wore the Etsy Trumpet Skirt out!! 🌈

Love the smattering of colours on this pretty skirt. The cutting is also really flattering! New fan of trumpet skirts here, hehe.

So happy just looking at the colours on this skirt!! 🙆🙆

Gotta love how it hugs at the waist and hips and flares at the end, giving the illusion of slimmer legs.



And here's a cute picture of my happy fluff!! 🐶

My little precious. ☺

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