Shameful IG Sellers


Stealing my ootd photo and claiming to be doing preorder for the item I wore when it was manufactured by TTR?

1) I did not give you permission to use my photo. Even though you "credited" me on your photo, it does not make it ok.

2) The piece I wore is a piece from TTR, so obviously when customers buy from you, they expect to receive the piece when I'm wearing. Aren't you misleading your customers deliberately since the one you're selling is definitely different from what I'm wearing?

Shame shame, shame on you.

After I commented on this user's photo using my own account, she removed the photo and blocked me. But then, she posted another photo which she stole from TTR's website directly to sell the same product again.

So this time, I used TTR's account to comment on the photo again.

Guess this person has been monitoring her account after my first comment. So she immediately removed the photo.

Really, how much money can you hope to earn doing "preorders" by stealing other people's photos on IG?


Will not be disclosing the name of said "IG shop" because why the hell would I wanna give them free publicity?

But such acts are definitely despicable and dishonest and not to be encouraged. 😡

I do believe that she's not the only shop doing it. I see a lot of IG shops stealing photos from online stores to sell. You should definitely be very wary when purchasing from these shops because some of them are definitely not credible to say the least.

Ok, back to my chirpy Sunday mood now that I'm done ranting.

Pineapple x Pineapples.

Kept the Etsy Trumpet Skirt in both prints because I was undecided. 😅

Launching in 10 minutes!! 😁

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