Half of 2014

It's been long since our last romper! 🙆🙆🙆

The problem with taking too many photos and having a hard time choosing…

Is that I end up spamming my Dayre. Lol. 😳

I think making the Dolce Ruffles Bralet into a romper is definitely one of our best decisions. 😍

We picked a different (slightly thicker and better quality) material for the romper! Added pockets too!

The ruffles also seem to look nicer and more ruffle-y (if you get what I mean) with this new material!

I kept this in black too!!

Off to eat my dinner now, posting all the colours here in a bit!! 😘


Home-cooked dinners are so awesome. My mum is awesome.





See you all this Wednesday!!!

We're also launching the pleated maxi skirt I wore in my The Fabulous Baker Boy post! Exciting launch hehehe. 😊

Half of 2014 has already came and gone.

How was the first half of the year for you? 😌

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