Saturday, Work Day

Time check: 6.53am

It's raining right now and I'm in a cab to the airport for a work trip. ✈

How I wish that I could be sleeping in my comfy bed right now.

The last time I woke up this early was like… In JC??!

But thou shall not complain, hahaha. I already have the privilege of waking up way later than my friends who hold office jobs. 😳

(Yes that's @jongsy walking in front!)

Time check: 7.15am

Just reached the airport and preparing to check in! The cab uncle was really nice to leave us with "Enjoy yourselves ok!", but too bad we're not on a leisure trip. Haha.

Anyway, I flew off for too many holidays in June. Kinda happy to be travelling for work again although it is so much more tiring.

Time check: 8.00am

Boarding now!!

I'm always excited to fly as long as it's SIA. 😁

It's the only aircraft I can knock out completely on, and I love that they provide pillows and blankets because I'm always freezing cold on flights and I don't wanna εŒ…like ba zang every time I take flights.

Their hot towels also super shiok.

I also love their entertainment system because it's always updated with new movies! πŸ™†

Ok, taking off now! See you on the other side!

Time check: 12.45pm

Just touched down! Can't wait to throw our bags at the hotel and have some lunch before getting work done!

Time check: 6.00pm

Just finished round 1 of samples!!

My favourite part of manufacturing definitely has to be the choosing of colours.


Time check: 11.24pm

Finally done with all our work for today!

Need to hit the sack soon so that we have enough energy to scour the fabric market for materials tomorrow.

Goodnight! 😘

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