Work Trip Summary

We made it through yet another work trip!!!! @jongsy

It seems to get easier for us each time, given that we are now a lot more familiar with the environment and have worked out a standard routine for our short and jam packed 2 day trip. ☺

We usually don't have time for leisure on work trips because 2 days is really too short to do anything else but work.

Whenever my friends ask me to "enjoy myself" when I tell them I'm going on work trips, I give them a super incredulous look. Hahaha.

There's really not much of enjoying when we are on trips for work.

We usually wake up at 9-10am in the mornings, grab a quick breakfast from the convenience store at our hotel and meet our supplier to discuss about samples.

We would spend the first day going over the samples, trying them on to make sure the fit is ok.

If the fit is good, we would proceed on to decide if the material used for the sample is ok or another material would be suitable.

If the fit and material is ok (usually needs minor changes), we would start to pick colours for it. This is the fun part but it also gets tiresome after you've been through 95739502 samples because you start choosing very similar colour palettes for all the designs. Especially for me, because I tend to keep choosing colours which I like at that moment. LOL.

After picking the colours, we need to place our orders for the supplier to purchase materials and start work on the sample.

If the fit is not ok, we would usually send it back altering so that the sample is closer to our ideal fit. You'll be surprised at how many samples actually look very CMI when we first receive them. Haha. It's actually not that easy to manufacture apparels. You definitely need a lot of foresight when it comes to imagining the samples as the finished products.

Usually we would take a break for dinner in the evening, then continue our discussion till about 10-11pm at night.

After which we will prepare for Sunday's launch till about 1-2am before we go to bed. Launch work never stops even when we're on work trips.

The next day, we would wake up at around the same time to have breakfast and head to the fabric market to find suitable cloth for the supplier to do up the new samples and also for those samples which needed a change of material from previous day's discussion.

Walking around the fabric market is the most physically tiring task during our work trip.

We usually end our fabric market trip at around evening time with aching arms, legs and backs. 😫

It may be tiring but visiting the fabric market is also my favourite part of the trip. Heh. Love collecting all the fabric charts! #okiamweird

We would have dinner before returning to our hotel to discuss about the samples with the new fabrics which we have shortlisted. Which will end at about 10-11pm.

After which we have to clear emails from the launch (because Sunday night is launch night!) and verify payments so that parcels can be sent out by our team on Monday (today).

It may not sound like the most tiring 2-day job on earth but it gets pretty draining mentally because there is so much planning ahead and thinking to do throughout the 2 days.

Even though we may be sitting down during discussion but our minds never stop.

It might be tiring to be travelling every month but the satisfaction of seeing our own manufactured apparels beats it all.

And that, sums up my 2 day work trip every month. ☺

So happy to be heading back to SG right now!

Home sweet home. 🏡

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