My Journey with Milly’s.

Dayre needs a sticker for manicures.

Since they don't have a sticker for manicures, I shall just use any random happy looking sticker!

Just did my nails at my sponsor Milly's today! 😘

I'm always grateful to them for sponsoring me since over a year ago. Even though I don't do my nails every other month, I really enjoy my time there! Milly is always so sweet and thoughtful, honestly one of the best sponsors I have been working with!

Today I feel compelled to do a compilation of the designs they have done for me so far!

Really love each and every one of them! All so well done and intricately drawn. 😍

This is my very first design with them! Cupcakes!

The second design I did with them was this Craftholic one.

It was designed from scratch by my manicurist and I love it so much!

I think this was also one of the most popular designs after I posted on my IG. I kept seeing it all over IG in different variations after that. So proud of my talented manicurist for designing this set! 😊

Third design was this blue floral one which I also love a lot. This was acrylic paint on a gelish base. I prefer acrylic paint for nail art because it's a lot more intricate and brings out the details a lot better!

When I do manicures, I don't like to pick from ready designs. I prefer to go over designs together with my manicurist and customising them to my liking. 😁

Third set was inspired by this pineapple printed watch from my watch sponsor (also another sponsor which I love) NakedGlory!


My manicurist said many other customers asked her for this set after seeing it on my IG.

This was my most recent set of nails with Milly's, which was in Jan this year. After that, I have been thoroughly swamped with work and did not have time to do my nails.

And since I'm still in a fruity phase, I asked for another set of fruits inspired nails this time!

I swear my manicurist has a love-hate relationship with me.

She feels immense satisfaction whenever we managed to come up with a set of nice nail art together, but at the same time she has to spent so much time working on my designs every time I visit!

According to her, every visit of mine is a huge project for her. Hahaha.

Guess it's a good thing for her that I'm always busy then!! 😛



I call it the Fruit Basket nails.


Took reference from a few different designs online and combined them together to get this! 🍉🍒🍌🍓 (why no kiwi emoji!!)

My favourites are the watermelon and banana!!!

I need to take a better picture of them once I get my lens fixed. It just broke down on me yesterday randomly! Can't focus on any single shit at all. Anyone knows why???


If you're looking to book an appointment with them (they do awesome hair extensions and eyelash extensions too!), you can visit them at any one of their 3 outlets!

Far East Plaza #03-141, Far East Plaza #03-131, Bugis Village Level 2 @ Bom Bom Street DESL 3, 4, 5

Promotions: Gelish nails @ $20 back by popular demand, quote my nail for 10% discount off nail designs!

Looking forward to more awesome manicures with Milly's!!


Anyone still remembers my blog link? 😳

Okay la, it's not really like a proper update or anything.

More like…. Trying to revive it.

I also changed my blog header photos! Not my best attempt at a blog update but I'm trying!! Definitely going to blog about my BKK trip by this weekend so I guess I better get moving now to edit the photos!!

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