Spent 3 hours doing up my blogpost on BKK last night.

Included photos and information about the places I visited which weren't on my Dayre posts! 😉

Go read! http://www.joycesayshello.com

I think I'm gonna need 2 times the amount of time to do up my Seoul blogpost since I was there longer and took a lot more photos. 😭


I'm pretty excited for Sunday's launch because we're launching the new colours for Get Lucky Midi!

Guilty of keeping too many colours for this design for sure. 😳

I've always wanted a red midi skirt because they go so well with stripey tops!

And now I finally have my very own red midi! ☺

Just because my nails matched my top colour. ✌

Wore the peach one out yesterday! Matched it with our Cooper Cut In Top which we are bringing back really really soon!!


Didn't have time to iron my skirt properly and the pleats turned out weird looking. 😞

I have a slight obsession with this shade of peach pink recently. Haha.

Yellow and peach turned out to be a surprisingly nice combination!

I love coloured doors.

They make such nice backdrops for OOTDs. 😁

Sorry for the intermittent updates, was doing a photoshoot just now!


Since I have yet to wear out the cobalt, I shall post photos from the studio shoot to show you!

Such a pretty and vibrant shade of blue. Heh. Can't wait to wear this out! 🙆

See, I just cannot resist pairing stripey tops with the red midi!

Random but I wanna rave about the 凉茶 from ZTP!

I was feeling slight pain in my throat since yesterday. And I hate getting sore throats because they are so uncomfortable!! 😡

Walked past a ZTP outlet and decided to buy their liang teh to see if I can prevent a sore throat.

Drank it earlier this afternoon and now I don't even feel anything in my throat! 😁😁😁

Try it if you feel like you're coming down with a sore throat!

My little fatty who seems to be getting fatter by the day.


Love watching her eat because the way her mouth moves is uber cute! 😮😮😮

I think she looks huge in most of the photos I posted but she really isn't!

So small when compared with her bunny hutch. 😬

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