Popped by the TBM flea today to say hi to @shiberty and also pass her TTR clothes to her!

This was what was left of her gorgeous macarons when I reached at 3pm. All sold out! Heh good thing she kept aside some for me already! Love the Lychee Rose and Ferrero ones! 🙆

Also went to Yoko and Lydia's Naked Glory and Foundry & Co booth to disturb them.

Hahaha. 😛

Lydia gave me this really pretty necklace which comes in a glass tube. 😍

Will take photos of it soon!!

Yoko as usual, told me to take home some of Naked Glory's new arrivals!!

So in love with her watches as always.

By the way, we have an exciting collab with Naked Glory once TTR's new website is up. Stay tuned! 😉

With my always-forever-busy friend Aloy who also happens to be the organiser of the TBM flea!

I think I need to go to his next flea to clear my preloved clothes too. 😁😁 Please come support again if I attend another flea event! Heh.

Someone's first weekend after he started work. Need to be so excited not?? 🙊


On a side note, it's been the longesttttt time since I've stepped into town on a weekend…

And I spotted so many girls wearing TTR apparels! At the flea too!

Super cheap thrill hahaha but I'm always like "omg omg she's wearing TTR" to whoever I happen to be with.

I thought I would have gotten used to seeing people in TTR apparels by now but nope, still happy!

Sunday's outfit.

Focus on the palazzo pants I wore please. Hahaha it makes my legs look impossibly long and skinny!! I know it's supposedly wide-leg but still….. 😁

Legs look shorter here cos #badangle.


Hope you all had a great Sunday!! 😘

I'm looking forward to tomorrow because I'm heading to the salon after work!

Gonna snip my annoying fringe off. And maybe trim my hair a bit… We'll see!! 💇

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