Just heard this year's National Day song on radio…

And it's actually a combination of "One People, One Nation, One Singapore" and "We Will Get There".

Hahaha. Guess they're just not bothered to come up with a new song this year since the songs for the past few years were so forgettable. 😶

I used to love National Day (because I'm almost a National Day baby!) and the catchy patriotic songs.

But these few years, I guess nobody managed to come up with nice songs?

The old songs are still the best.

What's your favourite National Day song? 😁

Mine has got to be 家, We Will Get There and We Will Belong!!

So classic.

Anyway, this is the ultra chio necklace which I got from Foundry & Co at the TBM flea!! 😍

Aquilo Prism Necklace in White.

Love the glass tube that it comes in!

Wearing it today even though my outfit a bit don't match. 😳

I think this looks best on a plain top/dress!

Monday made better by a visit to my hair salon COVO!


Gonna be sharing a promotion on my blog really soon!!

After dinner.

Just want to collapse on bed and not move.

Just blogged about my weekends, compilation of my recent OOTDs and the new camera which I just got recently and have been using for the past few Dayre posts!!



Had a sudden craving for luncheon meat and I went to dig through my kitchen drawers.. Found a can of it yay!

Think I will regret it when my face is swollen tomorrow due to all the sodium.

Hahahaha. 😔

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