Shipment day today.

Had to unpack 10 huge cartons of stocks and now my photoshoot area is fully occupied.


This happens on a weekly basis and sometimes I wonder if our office is getting too small. I hope we don't outgrow this office too soon. 3 years of lease to go and we've only just begun.

Today's outfit in new Havana Skorts and a random sunflower top I got from F21 some time back. Heh.

The yellow is actually much brighter in real life but it looks washed out because of my camera settings.

It's the same shade of yellow as the Get Lucky Midi Skirt in Sunshine!

Someone requested for yellow Havana Skorts on one of my past Dayre entries and I thought it was a good idea. 💡

Also restocking it in White this weekend if you have not grabbed yours yet!

I love my new haircut btw.

It makes me look x 10 fresher and more alive.

I really cannot have long fringe. 😔

Hope the weather holds up! Planning to go for a jog after dinner cos I'm feeling flabby all over recently. 🐽

Ttyl am going to have my dinner now!

Blogged about my haircut at COVO and manicure at Milly's!!

Read to find out what ongoing promotions they have now! 🙈

Jogging didn't happen.

But I brought the little puff down for a walk!

Ok la, got exercise a bit.

No snacks for me tonight!!! 🙅🙅🙅

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