Was shopping at NTUC (one of my favourite places to shop, actually!) and I found the perfect slippers to match my manicure!


Orange these slippers too cute for words?? #punintended


They also haz pineapple slippers!


My favourite is the watermelon! 🍉

So 可爱 right!

Would totally buy them if not for the fact that I would get judged like crazy when I wear them out. Hahaha.

Today's colours on me.

Still loving the Etsy Trumpet Skirt!!

Paired it with the Cooper Cut-in Top in Magenta!

I'm so excited to launch this on Sunday! My favourite basic TTR top. ☺


I'm a walking rainbow today. Heh.

A collage of all the colours for the Cooper Cut-in Top!

Made it before it's a new day on Dayre! Hehehe. ✌

The colours look so pretty together! We're going to be doing a BFF giveaway for this Cooper Cut-in Top on IG tomorrow, stay tuned! 😁


Forest Green.

Heather Grey.




Off to edit as many photos as I can before Sunday comes around!!

Goodnight! 😘

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