Have you joined our BFF giveaway on Instagram yet?


We're giving away 3 sets of these to 3 babes and their BFFs! Contemplating to give away more sets since the response is so overwhelming… We shall see ok? 😁

Brought Milk Tea for her long overdue grooming today…

I think the animals in my house are all slightly anti social. Ok slightly for Milk Tea but extremely for Xiaobai. LOL.

Saw this cutie pie at the groomer's and we decided to pop it into Milk Tea's carrier to see how she would react since she has not exactly socialised with other bunnies before since I bought her home.

This little one hopped around and tried to groom her.

But she gave no reaction at all!


Maybe she just didn't know how to say thank you.

In love with this cute little innocent face!

So act cute for what, 小不点.

Cute die me.


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