Bunny’s 1st try at veggies.

I think I've Dayre-d before about how my bunny does not eat vegetables.

I refused to accept the fact that she does not like veggies (LOL) and tried feeding her with some veggies again today!

Recently she has also taken a liking to carrots, which she does not fancy at all the first few times I offered them to her. Now she loves. 😍

"Milk Tea, wanna try some veggies?"

"You mean those green looking tasteless pieces of things?? No I don't think so! 😦"

"Try some la… I give you head rubs in exchange?"

"Ok ok, I consider…. Since I really want those head rubs. 😑"

"Ummm ok I tried. Can't. 😕"

"You never try…. Try a little please? Just chew on it."

"See, yummy right? Want already right?"


"Ok… I admit. Veggies are not bad. I'll consider having them permanently added to my dinner menu."

"Yay well done you!! Lots of head rubs for you!"

I'm feeling quite triumphant about the fact that she finally ate some veggies! She took at least 5 leaves today.. So much improvement compared to the last few times I tried.

She wouldn't even sniff or take small nibbles.

Really looking forward to the day she'll wolf down a whole plate of veggies. 😊

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