Fridayyy is here!

Bought a new book series yesterday… Hoping that it will be as good as The Hunger Games but so far I'm not so impressed. Haha.

But hey, will still give it a chance since I'm only at the first few chapters of the prequel. Maybe the actual Book 1 will be better. 😌 I'll keep you guys updated!

Haven't been the best at taking #ootd photos this week because the heat is terrible and I just look damn gross after take a few shots. Hahaha. πŸ˜”

But anyways, the lack of outfits this week on IG aside, we're launching this super cute sports luxe inspired skirt on Sunday!

Green is normally not the colour that would be my first pick when I go through the colour charts… But somehow I'm quite attracted to this green. 😍

We also spent a long time deciding which colour combinations of the waist band should go with which skirt colours.

Somehow this skirt just makes me feel like wearing sneakers.

Haha. Act one sporty.

Love this!! 😍

Get sporty with us on Sunday!

You know I'm going to show you the colours right? 😏😏😏

Emerald goes with a white and black waist band.

White goes with white and navy.

Black goes with navy and green.

(Yes, the top is upcoming!!)

You can either do the sport luxe look or the nautical look with white, me thinks. ☺

Upcoming basic panel top paired with the Aria Pleated Maxi Skirt!

My forever favourite because it's so perfectly flowy. Hehe.

Have I gotten your heads dizzy with all that spinning yet? Hahaha.

Had team brunch with Audrey, Yanling, Amy and @jongsy today at Loysel's Toy.

Farewell brunch for Yanling and welcome brunch for Amy.

Mixed feelings.

But I just need to get used to it. 😊 At least I didn't cry this time round! ✌

Had the eggs ben trio and they had a promotion which entitles us to 50% off the second eggs ben trio we ordered.

@jongsy said that one of her eggs weren't runny. I guess there's a reason for the promotion then! πŸ˜› at least 3 out of 4 were runny. Hahaha.

Super bun wishes everyone a happy weekend!

Can't wait to collect my little fluff tomorrow! 😁😁😁

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