Rainy days make it so hard to leave the house.


Sorry for the disappearance from Dayre.. I know it's been a few days since I've updated this space! 😳

Been busy being a bunny mama. Making sure they get their litter habits right (both of them are having a peeing and pooping competition to stake their territories whenever I let them out! The horror.) I'm definitely turning into a professional pee-wiper and poop-picker.

Also need to make sure that this little thing is eating well since he is so tiny.. Too tiny at 4 months old!

So paranoid. I now spend most of my time at home sitting in front of him just to make sure I see him eating. #lifeless

I hope my future baby gives me less headache when it comes to feeding. Lol.

Then this girl here gets jealous because now my attention is divided. 😥

Bet you didn't know that bunnies have such complex emotions huh?

I didn't either! So many things to learn with another little bun in the house.

Okayyyy enough of bunny talk now, I must be boring some of you to death. Hahaha.

Wanna share something awesome!

This tape thingy is really good! I always get blisters at the back of my feet when I wear new shoes. And plasters don't help because they are so not sticky and after walking for some time, they are just useless.

You can get this from any pharmacy (Watsons, Guardian). I think less than $2?

Now you know I officially have no life. Talking about tape for blisters and my bunnies. LOL.

In other news, we're flying off this weekend for a work trip.

Honestly not very comfortable with the idea of taking flights especially after recent incidents. But no choice. 😞

I always wish for fruitful trips but this time round, I'll just wish for a safe trip!

On Monday.

When I finally dragged myself out of the house over the long weekend. I seriously cannot believe that I spent 2 entire days at home (with no inclination to head out at all), but I did.

Upcoming Mink Basic Top (yay!!) and All Day Culottes in Black.

And my new shoes which made me buy the tape above. 😭

Love my watermelon bag from Daryl and DX!

They're selling it on SEP and they know I love "fruity" items, so they kept one for me! So sweet one. 😘 Now I can haz pineapple bag and watermelon bag!

It matches my nails toooo. 😍

Today's outfit.

Both top and skirt upcoming on #thetinselrack but we will be launching the skirt this weekend first! 🙆

My little puppy bun. 😘

Can never say no to this little squishy face!

So round one…… 😍

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