Today's casual coordinate.

Kidston Button Down Shirt and upcoming marble print skorts! My love for marble prints is still going on strong. Heheh.

Skorts are made of neoprene material. Major love cos no need to spend much effort ironing! Hahaha.

Comes in another gorgeous abstract brushstroke print too!

Holographic bag is sponsored by my favourite bag sponsor,! ☺

Can't wait to show all the bags they sent me for the month of August!

Okay haha now I'm going to spam pictures of XBD…

Here's my little puff munching on his favorite oats. Heh.

Still so in love with every bit of him!!


Just a little blob.

I realise I cannot seem to form coherent sentences when I post up pictures of him. Hahaha.

He's just too cute for words and I just keep gushing about how cute he is.

Anyway, he's shedding right now so his head is oddly out of shape and you can see different layers of fur clearly.

Can't wait for him to grow out new fluff!

Managed to catch him mid-flop today!

But still too slow to video it down. 😔

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