Turning 25.

Rainy Monday makes me sleepy.

It has been a few days since I've updated my Dayre… Anyone misses me? Hehe. No longer updating everyday because life ain't that exciting recently. Except that I just turned 25 last week.

Although I really don't feel any difference. Being 24 and 25 feels exactly the same. I'm still doing the same things day in day out. I still look at things the same way. Another year older but none the wiser. 😳

Loving this pineapple cake made for me by Esther (@thankgodforpink) who runs @mysisterbakes! 😘

This is the second birthday cake she has baked for me and I have to say… Her cakes tastes better each year! 👍

Anddddd. I love the design of my cake this year! I did not request for any particular design, just the flavour. So this is a pineapple-looking lychee cake. Hahaha.

4 X me and the cake.


If you're looking to get customized cakes for any occasions, you can look for Esther! She'll definitely do a good job of it. 😉 I think she's also doing dessert tables recently.

Psst, her brownies and cupcakes are also to die for!!

Also got surprised at Artistry by my dearest Team TTR!

I thought it was just me and @jongsy going for brunch. So shocked to see them already sitting there when we arrived! Good job @jongsy! Hahaha.

And much thanks to Audrey for the lemon blueberry cake! 😘 So yummy!

Food was just so so…

But the company more than made up for it. 😁

The flowers on the table makes a pretty flatlay shot though, I gotta admit. Haha. 😂

Ok brb gotta get some work done!

Birthday outfit.

True Love Lace Top (MIGHTTTT BE bringing this back soon!) paired with my favourite midi just launched on TTR yesterday. ✌

Love this super unique shade!!

Cannot believe that I spent 2 hours on a Friday night queuing for fried chicken. 😒


Sooooo goooodddddd.

Craving for them ever since Friday night!

This is at Chicken Up fyi, those of you who wishes to queue for 2 hours as well. Hahah. I think the queue won't be as bad on weekdays.. Hopefully.

We ordered the soy fried chicken and apparently according to my friend, honey flavoured ones are good too!


Still cannot win the one I had in Seoul. But quite good already. Heh.

Instead of their famous watermelon soju…

My lovely girlfriends ordered the pineapple soju because they knew that I love pineapples! 😘

This is really nice although I don't have any basis for comparison since I have not tried the watermelon.

Soju in a pineapple!

My awesome friends of 8 years. From playing squash in JC together until now… We've came a long way! 🙌

Leo babies had cakes to celebrate!

Making our 25th birthday wishes. 🙏

They made me take a photo with the pineapple, together with my phone cover. 😂

Ok anyway…

If you haven't seen my IG, these are our new TTR polymailers!

Just looking at them makes me happy. Hehe. Mint colour is the standard size so most of you will be receiving this! If you receive the pink one… You know you really bought a lot of clothes at one go. Hahah. 😛

Just wanna get home and sleep right now.

Been feeling achy all over and having a runny nose whenever I'm in an air conditioned room for the past week. It feels like I'm about to be sick but then I'm not sick yet. So annoying. 😷

My cutie pie. 😍

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