Berry Good.

Passed by punnets of raspberries at NTUC yesterday and picked up one.. I was looking to buy strawberries but I guess now is not the season!

Googled 'health benefits of raspberries' and turns out raspberries are awesome super fruits which come with a whole lot of benefits for health. Heh.

Shall not post everything here since the list is pretty long and I'm lazy 😳… Guess you can google it yourself if you want to!

Shared the raspberries with my bunneh!

This little one didn't get any because he's not passed the 6 months old mark.


But his begging face is so cute!!

Today's outfit is a simple crochet top coming up on TTR this week!

Love such outfits on a lazy day, or in my case, sick and drowsy day. Just throw on a pair of jeans and ready to go. 😁

Am actually feeling too lazy to wear heels recently.. Only for OOTDs and I will swap them for flats after that.

Main reason being that we have been doing our own parcel delivery to Singpost for the past week or so because our delivery guy had family problems to deal with. 😞😞😞

So heavyyyy. Urgh. Makes me just wanna be makeup-less and dress down every day for work.

If you see me at Singpost looking very cui just pretend you didn't see me ok? Thanks. Hahaha.

Brought my two little girls down to the park on Sunday and took many pictures of them!

Where else better to spam them than on my Dayre? Hehe.

Looking very happy with her tiny pink tongue sticking out.

Just like this emoji! 🐶

She super loves being out!

This bunny of mine is damn active. She doesn't feel happy enough being let out in the playpen at home… Always finding ways to jailbreak. 😔 Well, I would let her out to roam the house if only she could stop peeing outside of her cage whenever she's out.

Whatchu looking at?

This little princess here doesn't like her time out as much though.

After a while, she got tired of trudging through the grass and wanted us to carry her. 😂

Most nua and lazy dog ever.

Happiest in our arms. Hehe. Why you so cute baby!

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