Had an awesome dinner at TCC with @jongsy earlier!

Was supposed to meet @bbernice for Nak Hon but I think we really not fated this week. I was sick on Tuesday and today she's sick. 😷

They had a massive makeover for their menu…

But luckily my Seafood Aglio Olio still remains! Was telling Sissy that I wouldn't be going to TCC anymore if they took away the Seafood Aglio. 😡

Love the pasta tonight! The chef at Wisma outlet did a good job with the seasoning. And the scallops were so juicy and fresh! 👍👍👍 The waiter forgot that I wanted it less spicy. But I can overlook that since the pasta was major yums. Hehe.

Pan seared salmon for @jongsy cos she didn't want so much carbs. So I shared my pasta with her!

Shrooms bite.

Hearty clam soup!

My favourite cake at TCC, Cocoa L'amore!

We were deciding between this and the Dark Devotion. Ordered the Dark Devotion a few times previously and had bad experiences. Think they changed the recipe and went for cheaper ingredients! Does not taste as good as it used to be.

So we got this cake instead!

Happened to flip through the drinks menu and saw this!

Totally wasn't planning to order drinks but we gave in to this.

So cute!! Looks like a potted plant!

It's actually a mint leaf on top of oreo crumbs, whipped cream and a shot of expresso!

Wasn't expecting this to taste good but it surprised us. Heh. I like how this tasted when we mixed everything after spamming photos of it.

Total bill came up to $102 but we had 50% off because it's my birthday month!

Andddd here's today's #ootd!

Putting more effort to take ootd photos this week because we were too slack last week. Haha.

Morgan Stripes Top in White, upcoming pleated skorts in Indigo, and bag from Sandy Trove!

Just one of those days when I cannot decide which photos to post. So I end up with having too many photos on my Dayre.

This pair of skorts is an extremely long awaited piece… So happy to finally receive the stocks!

The stocks were actually ready a couple of months back. But! They came without inner lining. Which is not acceptable. Rather not sell if the stocks are not up to standard.

So we had to lug everything back and made them redo. 😭

And I'm home!!

Fat cheeks says hi!

Also happy today because we went to Cotton On Body and bought new sleepwear to replace our old ones.


Happened to dig out my old favourite secondary school shirt.

@jongsy asked me to throw it away but got sentimental value one leh. How can throw! 😩

I still can fit into it (not because I haven't grown since then, but because I used to like super oversized shirts).. So shall keep it as sleepwear! Heh.

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