I'm always a huge fan of flippy skirts and stripey tops.

And pairing them together just makes so much sense. I'm pretty sure I've worn similar combinations out countless times already… Heh. 😳

Just realised I have other un-posted #ootd photos so I shall post them all at one go!

Backorders for this ultra pretty shrug is up on TTR already! πŸ˜‰

Don't wait till slots run out then regret ah! Not sure if the factory can manage to get another batch of fabric after this backorder because some prints can be quite seasonal.

Pleaty Please Skirt this time round in Plaids. 😁

I love plaids! ✌

Had tons of good food over the weekends.

Need to start exercising soon.

Need to stop being so lazy.


Love the truffle fries and Macadamia Coffee at Habitat Coffee! Andddd I am always not fated with churros la. 😭 Sold out when I got there!!

Caramel Banana Dorayaki from Maccha House which serves reallyyyy good matcha flavoured drinks and desserts!!

I love the maccha latte soft serve float. πŸ˜‹ Dorayaki was good too!


HUGEEEEE salted egg prawns from Boon Tong Kee.

We wanted to have Melben but the queue was wayyyyy too long. So we went opposite to have Boon Tong Kee which serves really nice seafood as well. We had the chilli crab too! No Melben but we rather satisfy our crab craving without having to queue. Hehe.

Ending off with cute photos of my babies!

Xiaobai doesn't like to be near the bunnies much… So we had to bribe her with treats to take these shots!

The things she does for her treats… πŸ˜’

My little princess has a really short attention span. πŸ˜‚

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