My "work table" is just beside the playpen.

Which is a really bad idea because it's next to impossible to concentrate on my laptop when this little face keeps staring at me like this! 😰

The cutest photos are always blur/out of focus. Meh.


"δΈΊδ»€δΉˆδ½ δΈθ¦θ·Ÿζˆ‘ηŽ©?" 😞

Blur again!

Took these photos w my iPhone (time for iPhone 6!!!) so they all turned out bad quality.

Was really doing my work and noticed him looking all beggy and cute so I snapped away. Didn't have time to reach for the camera!


Love my curious little bun bun.

Love how he clamours onto my lap whenever he knows I'm gonna give him his vitamin and papaya tablets.

His recent antics include running around me in circles x 20, and resting his chin on my thighs. Hehe.

Shifted my "work table" into the playpen so that he can stop giving me the ke lian face.

And he came to kaypo around my mac! Lol. πŸ˜…

😍 X 1000000000000 please.

Ok really need to do my work now.

Omg this sticker totally looks like me and xbd. Hahaha.

Also, finally met up with @bbernice after both of us took turns falling sick on the week we were supposed to meet.

Wanted to try Nakhon at AMK but they were closed!!! Ended up driving down to Kovan outlet but the queue was so damn long that we did not even bother.

Ended up at Thai Express. Haha.

At least we got to try the famed waffles with pandan ice cream and gula melaka sauce @ Hatter Street!! 😬😬😬

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