No more school!



Revisited NUS today again to run some errands.

Walking through school grounds feel so familiar yet unfamiliar at the same time.

Realised that I did not miss school a single bit! Love my work life too much. 😬

What people used to tell me when I was still schooling does not apply at all – that I would miss school once I start working. Haha.

More than 2 years since I've graduated but I only just collected my degree scroll.

Procrastination at it's best. 😳

Not like I really need the scroll or anything…. But since I'm already here, might as well.

I still vividly remember struggling during my last year of uni. So happy that I am already over and done with school for life!

Did mah nails at Milly's yesteday and I got Chloe to do bunny nail art for me!! 🐰

I specifically told her that I want this base colour because it's JUST SO PRETTY. Pastel powdery blue. 😍 Got inspiration for the bunnies online, and I customised the rest of this set!

Loving my August nails yayyyy. Hehehe.

Chloe was so happy this time because my nail art is finally easy for her to do. Hahahah.

Dug out this bunny ring which I got from Accessorize from ages ago. 😁

Nails also coincidentally go super well with my outfit today!

Brought my Willow Midi Skirt in Mint out to play!

Andddd I realised that this is my second white and mint combination this week. 😳

V neck cropped top upcoming this Sunday!

We have honestly been over-using this for our previous shoots because it is so nice to pair with every and any bottom. Haha.

Thankful that me and Sissy managed to get our ootds just in the nick of time. Rain came pouring right after we got onto the car.


Have a good Thursday y'all!

Off to meet Yoko to get the psd files for the new website. Can't wait to pass them to the web development team to get started finally!!!

Finally concluded my dinner meeting with Yoko and the website design is looking awesomeeee.

Hopefully my web team will be able to get the site up in a month or so now that the design files are all done!

It has been a long wait but good things are worth the wait!

Funny bunny thinks that he's gonna get more treats by parking himself on my lap. 😂

Say cheese!

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