Look who just came up to my side for a cuddle!

Love it when his tiny leg sticks out like that when he's lying on the floor. Hehe. So cute.

Visited NOM again today with @jongsy to try the oreo rainbow cake!

We actually went to Maple & Market for the tofu cheesecake but sadly they were overcrowded + no tofu cheesecake today.

I….. Cut my own fringe today.


Cannot stand it when my fringe keeps getting in the way. But go all the way to salon to cut fringe only also doesn't make sense.

Pretty rainbow cake!


Booking my work trip air tickets for September and SIA's website is giving me a whole lot of grief and angst.

So hard to match our travel dates to the promotional airfare period!!! 💢👊

And now the entire website just hung on me.

Maybe it's a sign… That we shouldn't travel in September la @jongsy…. LOL. 😛

Found the perfect backdrop today for my outfit.


Ok got carried away with work and forgot to post the rest of the photos!

Mesh bralet upcoming on TTR, boyfriend plaid shirt launching on TTR this Sunday, jeans from Miss Selfridge!

Have a good Friday y'all!

Need to drop off some loose parcels and get home to edit photos for Sunday's launch. There goes my Friday night. 😟

His shocked-munching-on-hay face. Hahahaha.

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