Had a good day today meeting my friends before and after work!

Coincidentally, both friends I got to know through the wonderful creation called Internet. 😂

Hi @jazreeltan, you look so priddy here. Heheh.

Everyone, say hello to the founder of Sensibar!! 👋

Here's me taking a photo of her taking a photo of me.


Had brunch at Suprette… And me being me, managed to reach just in time to order before their kitchen closes. Hahahah. Sorry @jazreeltan! 😙

My burger surrounded by a sea of fries.

The burger tasted quite good when it just got served… But after 15 minutes, the cheese hardened and the patty tasted dry. 😔

According to @jazreeltan, the fries are free flow. But erm, haha, I didn't even finish half of the first serving.

Her duck hash (is that what it's called??!) was really good. So yummy.

I just had to keep stealing from her plate. Hahaha. 😳

And we ended off with desserts!

Pies from Windowsill Pies.

So yummy! We tried smores and the lime vodka. Love both! There was a good contrast of flavours.

It's already September but I still feel like it's my birthday month.


Thank you for the gifts @jazreeltan! 😘

New packaging for Sensibar which looks really awesome!!

Always 100% dedication when it comes to perfecting the smallest details for Sensibar, this girl.

Can't wait to wear my alphabet rings! Thank you for always remembering me when you come up with new creations!

After work was llao llao date with @bbernice!

Hehe she was super nice to queue for it while I was on the way… So technically I didn't have to queue for my llao llao!

Tasted good and reminded me of my favourite froyo place Sour Sally which closed down some time back. Worth the hype but I don't think worth the queue!

Haha but who knows, I might queue for it some day when I'm craving for it!

Went shopping after having llao llao for dinner (and now I'm hungry!!!).

We shopped like there's no tomorrow. This @bbernice la, bad influence!! We cannot shop together so often next time! Hahaha.

Bought two pairs of shoes and too many clothes. 😳

Wore an upcoming romper from TTR today.

I love the asymmetrical skorts design!

My cute bun bun with a teddy bear! Heh. 🐰🐻

Actually…. Jessie bought it for Xiaobai.

But Xiaobai doesn't like it so I decided to see how XBD would react to it. Hahaha.


He didn't play with the bear either. Hahaha. I guess nobody likes the bear.


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